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Basics Of Constructed Stained Concrete Floors

Basics Of Constructed Stained Concrete Floors

Many individuals love concrete floors since they believe the floors are indestructible. Therefore, they pay little focus on its maintenance and find yourself abusing the floors. However, the simple truth is concrete floor are susceptible to damage just like any different kind of floor. Relaying concrete floors is probably the common repair and maintenance practices done but is dear and time consuming. Staining the concrete is a big favorite for many. Stained concrete floors takes years under proper maintenance. Artcrete Designs

Step one is to know the necessary materials and where to get them. An important material is an acid wash that will be used to stain the ground. Using such a corrosive substance demands using caution and rubber gloves and eye gear will become important protective gear to wear to do the job. You will need a broom, concrete cleaner, mop, bucket, and sealer.

The next step is to get the floor you will work on ready for the repairs. You will have to pay off the floor of all present items taking them outside or to another room. You'll then proceed to clean the floor. You can need to sweep all dirt and debris from the floor especially will be the room was a garage or wreck room. After this you mop the floor to eliminate any remaining dirt and grime.

Once the floor is completely clean and dry, you can then start the staining process. You will need to use the acid wash, which is this is a very delicate and dangerous step that will require you to take some protective measure. You will need to wear gloves and eye gear. You will have to ensure the room is well ventilated because the acid wash produces harmful fumes when reacting with all the concrete. You should spread the acid on to the floor in quadrants to allow you room for movement while you spread the acid wash over the floor for an even cover. Employing a spray is a more efficient way of stain the ground. The more stain used the rich the consequences in terms of color. Artcrete Designs

You may give the acid some time to take effect, which often happens since it dries on the floor. Then use baking soda and water scrub a floor to remove any remain residues with the staining. Leave the ground to dry begin to apply the concrete seal. You will have to apply the sealer much the same way you did with the acid wash, applying the sealer in quadrants for any more even, and undisturbed spread. This will ensure a complete cover from the floor. Let it dry and execute a second coat with the sealer if necessary to ensure the stains have a proper protective coat.

Once the process is complete, you have to leave the room whilst it closed for approximately two or more days. This ensures a floor dried properly ensuring there is no need to relay it again. If you are looking for a good concrete floor repair measure that is easy to maintain and long-lasting, then stained concrete floors are among the best options to consider.

Post by artcretedesigns2015 (2015-06-25 11:44)

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